How to get to us ?

Ocean Lodge is located in Sakalava Bay, approximately 30 minutes from Diego Suarez or 45 minutes from Antsiranana Airport (known as Diego Suarez in Malagasy). Since Diego (Antsiranana) Airport is not international, you will need to make a stopover at another airport beforehand. You have several options to arrange your transit.




To travel from Nosy Be to Diego, there is a transfer by boat and 4x4. We can organize this for you, and the total duration of these transfers is approximately 6 hours. The rate for the car, up to 4 people, is 210€.

Boat transfer 5€ per person or Private boat 45€

Car transfer from your hotel to Nosy Be port 20€

We offer to organize your transfer from Antsiranana Airport (Diego Suarez) to Ocean Lodge, located in Sakalava Bay. The journey will take about 40 minutes. You have two transportation options:

  1. In a small 4L car for approximately 25€.

  2. In a 4x4 vehicle, the rate is 40€."

Ocean Lodge Diego-Suarez - Our Hotel and Excursion Information

In Diego Suarez (Antsiranana), Madagascar, you can enjoy various exciting excursions to discover the natural beauty and cultural richness of the region. Here are some of the popular excursions you can consider:

  1. The Three Bays (Baie des Dunes, Baie des Pigeons, and Baie de Sakalava): Take a boat excursion to explore these three magnificent bays with crystal-clear waters. You can swim, snorkel, and relax on the sandy beaches.

  2. Montagne d'Ambre: Embark on a hike in the Montagne d'Ambre National Park, a lush tropical forest housing a variety of unique flora and fauna, including lemurs and rare birds.

  3. Tsingy Rouges (Tsingy Rouges de Diego): Discover these stunning red rock formations, created by erosion. A hike will allow you to explore this impressive site.

  4. Ramena Beach: Enjoy a relaxing day on this beautiful white sandy beach, perfect for swimming and water activities.

  5. Diego Suarez Market: Explore the vibrant Diego Suarez market to discover local crafts, spices, and fresh produce.

  6. A day trip to the Emerald Sea: You'll see colorful tropical fish, fascinating corals, and perhaps even sea turtles if you're lucky.

Renting a motorcycle from DS Moto in Diego Suarez (Antsiranana) is an excellent option for those who want to explore the region independently. By renting a motorcycle, you can discover the surroundings at your own pace, access remote areas, and enjoy the freedom to move around as you please.

We take care of your young children while you enjoy your kitesurfing or windsurfing sessions. Our trustworthy female staff will ensure the safety and well-being of your toddlers for a few hours each day.